General Availability of Cloud-Connector for Maven
12. Mai 2014
Why Code Generation is only for greenfield Projects?
14. Mai 2014
General Availability of Cloud-Connector for Maven
12. Mai 2014
Why Code Generation is only for greenfield Projects?
14. Mai 2014
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Maximize the return on your investment by increasing the amount you invest and growing the amount of your return or R.O.I.

Code generation already has a long history. And there are already lots of tools and technologies out there that let you develop a code generator. So, why does Virtual Developer reinvent code generation? Because we are still far away from having a high degree of automation in the field of software development. We want to help changing this. Providing better technologies, tools and instruments is what we can bring to the table: the Virtual Developer product family. Information about the core concepts can be found on our website, And here is the list of advantages compared to the current state of the art in the field of code generation. Please note that not all these points are valid for everybody. Read and choose what’s in the game for you:




Advantages of Virtual Developer
because of „Code Generation as a Service“ because of the Technology because of the Marketplace
Platform independent way of accessing/executing a generator x
A generator can use much more resources than are available on a developer’s computer x
No installation and upgrade problems for someone who uses a generator – one tiny piece of software to access all available generators x
Centralized control of generator usage – a project manager knows who runs a generator and when x
Minimal configuration effort for someone who uses a generator x
It is easy and quick to try out new generators and new versions of generators x  x
It is easy and quick to develop and provide new generators and new versions of generators x x x
Clear separation of working environments of a provider/creator of a generator and a user of a generator x x
Generators for any kind of modeling language, format and tool can be developed and provided x
Optimal modularisation and re-use of components that make up a generator. Generator families can easily be developed and maintained. x
Tracability of code generation: which model elements lead to the generation of which files. x
Standard programing language (Java) is being used to develop generators. All Java know-how can be re-used to develop code generators. x
Pay-per-use supports to get a big choice on the Virtual Developer Marketplace. Generator providers/creators can earn money with their generators. This fosters the development of new generators. x
Pay-per-use allows people to access know-how (in the form of generators) in an inexpensive way that otherwise might be too expensive. x
Standardisation of modeling languages by re-using existing modeling languages that are provided by the platform operator and by the providers of generators. x
Generators can be more easily compared to each other since they are used and rated by the same group of people. This is similar to how apps are compared to each other in app stores. x
Marcus Munzert
Marcus Munzert
Marcus Munzert ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Generative Software GmbH. Seit 1998 entwickelt er mit Java und ist ein überzeugter Nutzer von Java/Jakarta EE. Er ist seit 2002 auf die modellgetriebene Entwicklung spezialisiert und verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung als Software-Architekt, Berater, Entwickler, Projektleiter, Trainer und Qualitätsmanager.
Why reinvent Code Generation?
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