Virtual Developer is an open platform for the automation of a software developer’s work with the help of generative methods. The platform is meant to be used to generate code, configuration files, documentation and test data. In contrast to conventional generation technologies, you are not limited to proprietary templating mechanisms and specific model formats. Instead you can use the full power of the Java platform to develop code generators that then run where Java shines brightest: on the server. You yourself choose the model format for your generator. Whatever can be read by means of Java can be used as generator input.

In this workshop you get an introduction to the Virtual Developer Platform and the required basics of the underlying OSGi technology. You will develop and test a simple generator to get to know the API and the workflow. Then you can bring your own generator and move it to the platform or pick one of our proposals to dive into generator development. The workshop is topped up with publishing generators on the Virtual Developer Marketplace and executing them using the platform.


  • Proficiency in Java and Eclipse as an IDE (JEE knowledge is not required)
  • Abstract Thinking
  • Please bring your own notebook (BYOD). Recommended material and Eclipse packages will be made available to the participants at least one week prior to the workshop.

Preparations for the Workshop

Please follow these instructions to prepare your notebook for the workshop. At the same place you can find pre-bundled Eclipse packages to be used during the workshop.