JenerateIT – Generation made easy

Simplicity and controllability are the keys to successful model-driven software development. By developing easy generation logic, your investment will pay off quickly. Because of the controllability of the generation and development process, these advantages are secured on a long-term basis. Our generation-tool JenerateIT pursues this goal and is based on our many years of experience with generation tools. We always ensure that our tools can easily be used by developers and architects without prior experience in model-driven software development. A wide range of useful resources and add-ons for JenerateIT complement our portfolio.


  • generation logic is created 100% in JavaTools
  • simple API to develop an own generation logic
  • direct model access without import or export
  • model conversion (or adaptation) is possible
  • integration of Eclipse to easily handle your daily work
  • recording of the generation in a generation protocol
  • analysis of the meta model elements from the model conversion
  • debugger for the model conversion and the generation

System outline

JenerateIT is built very modular and thus can be adjusted to existing environments very quickly. The following overview shows an extract of the most important modules:









In action

To get examples of our generation tool JenerateIT in action, please have a look at Examples or convince yourself in one of our Webtutorials.