Marcus Munzert speaks at Code Generation 2009

From 16th to 18th of June 2009 the conference “Code Generation 2009” took place in Cambridge, UK. On the last conference day Marcus Munzert (Managing Director at Generative Software GmbH) had been speaking about “Legacy Application Modernization – Experiences in a real-world MDA / MDSD Project”.

After his return, Marcus Munzert was talking about the conference:
” … At this year’s Code Generation 2009 conference the question wasn’t so much “when does MDSD pay off?” but rather “are you better off when you do graphical, textual, tabular or form-based modeling?”. In more than 30 tracks in summerly Cambridge the issue of model-driven software development had been looked at from lots of different viewpoints. The well organized conference had been perfected by a collective, relaxed punting trip and a collective dinner. The comfortable and open atmosphere lead to interesting new contacts. I am looking forward to share experiences with like-minded people next year again in Cambridge. … ”

We picked a few visual impressions of Code Generation 2009.