Virtual Developer

Virtual Developer

With our Virtual Developer technology, we turn over a new leaf in the area of code generation. We treat generators as real software, following state-of-the-art architectural principles and utilizing standard Java APIs. The ability to run and execute generators as a service minimizes the installation efforts on the client-side. At the same time, generators developed with the Java language can be called from non-Java environments like for instance Visual Studio and can generate code for any kind of programming language. And what’s maybe most compelling: anything that can be read by means of Java can serve as input for a generator, be it an Excel sheet, an XML file, existing source code, plain text, a word document, a PDF document, a database schema, data that is returned by service calls or anything else.

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gApp Generator Family

gApp is a family of code generators that take models as input that are created with textual DSLs. The code generators are developed with and run on Virtual Developer. There are code generators for JPA, JAXB, EJBs, JAX-RS, Android and the family is ongoingly growing. Meanwhile, we have joined the Eclipse IoT Working Group as a Participating Member. Our goal is to provide DSLs and OpenSource generators that allow you to develop IoT solutions in a model-driven way, leveraging Eclipse IoT components/projects. Eclipse Vorto has a special role in this respect, since it provides the ability to model devices in a platform independent manner.

If you want to know more about it or would like to participate in the one or the other way, please contact us.